Crystal Corp (Crystal Corporation LLC) is the first of its kind company which combines

Awards and Trophies, 3D Printing, Model Making and Animation under one corporation

With a legacy years of more than 75 years of experience put together by the Business Unit Heads



Crystal Corporation (Crystal Corp.) is led by a team of high caliber and experienced entrepreneurs who have collaborated their ingenuity in the world of awards and trophies, animation, model making, 3D printing and other interrelated fields. With a perfect blend of traditional art of handcrafting, advanced technological creativity and expertise combined, we aim to become one of the best producers, designers and exporters in the industry and field.

Our versatility includes a comprehensive line in the 3D realm, from visually stunning motion graphics, animation to modeling and printing, traditional hand-crafted crystals to 3D laser creating exquisite and uniquely designed replicas, awards, trophies and giveaways. We take pride in offering our valued customers a whole line-up of top-quality products and services that is far beyond the mundane world has to offer.