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On-Demand Manufacturing

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3D Printing in the manufacturing sector transform Product and Process Innovation with a focus on shorter supply chain activities. Organizations benefit by producing Parts/Spare Parts or Components for end use through 3D Printing of Metal and Polymer materials at a local production house.
At Crystal Corp we act as complete solutions and services house encompassing all activities of the digital thread from Scanning, Reverse Engineering, 3D CAD Modelling, DfAM, Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing with a special inclusion of Vacuum Casting, thus leveraging the true benefits of Digital Manufacturing. Be it Prototyping, Serial Production, Actual or After-market needs.
We will support you right from Engineering to Design and Manufacture to boost your productivity through 3D Printing.
By overcoming operational challenges and/or capturing new opportunities, we can help you keep increase your competitive edge in the market.
3D Printing technologies Capability:
  • Fused Deposition Modelling - FDM
  • Selective Laser Sintering - SLS
  • MultiJet Fusion - MJF
  • Stereolithography - SLA
  • Selective laser Melting – SLM (for Metals)

3D Printing Materials:
Polymer: PLA | ABS | PETG | Nylon | ASA | HIPS | Nylon 2200 | PC |PEEK | Polypropylene | Durable RESINS | Tough RESINS | FLEXIBLE MATERIAL | RUBBER LIKE | TPU & TPE | Carbon FIBRE | Reinforced PLSATICS and other hybrid and newer composites.
Aluminium | Maraging Steel | Nickle Alloys 718, 625 | Stainless Steel | 17-PH4 Steel | Titanium and other newer metal alloys
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