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3D Printing is perfect for Medical Sector as each solution is as per the different anatomy as per different individuals.

An on-demand 3D Printing service can be used to quickly manufacture Anatomical Parts and Models for patients in need.

Complexity - Surgical Models require complex and organic structures to be created to represent actual anatomy of a

patient. These structures are prohibitively expensive with traditional manufacturing methods, but a 3D Printer can create them with no additional cost. The flexible nature of additive manufacturing has greatly reduced the cost of custom medical devices. Individualized prosthetics and implants have now become a reality for patients across the world.


3D Printing can be used to produce Anatomical Models with a CT Scan of the region of interest to the surgeon for better diagnostics. Once the surgeon uses a patient specific model, he will be able to plan the surgery better with his team and having no surprise elements in most of the complex surgeries and will result in better outcome for the patient. Also, by engaging this practice, advantages in cost can be realized for the hospitals.


3D Printing has completely revolutionized the prosthetics industry. From Cosmetic Prosthetics to fully functional replacement Arms or limbs, these devices can be customized to each individual and produced for a fraction of the previous cost.

*Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced that Dubai would start producing artificial limbs using 3D Printing for less than AED 400 by 2025. This will part of the aim making Dubai a global capital of 3D Printing technologies by 2030 - in medical services.*

Zain, Asma Ali. “Dubai Plans 3D Printed Limbs for Just Dh400.” Khaleej Times, www.khaleejtimes.com/nation/uae-health/artificial-limbs-to-cost-you-less-than-dh400.

Reference images for illustration purposes only
Reference images for illustration purposes only


Both dental and medical surgeries require extreme precision. A 3D Printed guide can help a surgeon line up holes and incisions with a patient's anatomy. Thanks to additive manufacturing, these guides can be produced quickly and to exact specifications.


3D Printing Dental Models for before-and-after patient presentation to help increase case acceptance. We can Print large quantities of models rapidly for use in the production of clear aligner therapy. Our large bed 3D Printers can build accurate models for orthodontic and restorative study in-office in less than a day!

Reference images for illustration purposes only
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